So I told myself that I needed to post at least once a day. Because I really just need to post once a day.

I have a whole list of things I want to babble/bitch about. A list.

In no particular order:

  • Raiding with my WoW guild.

  • Reaction to SPN 417.

  • New games.

  • Dragon eggs.

  • Life in Alabama.

  • Sexism is alive and well in WoW.

  • TV I need to catch up on.

  • My shiny Kindle. (Oh, how I love you so.)

  • Family up north.

  • Grandpeanut!

  • Why are there no pickles on my cheeseburgers? (This one probably won't have much to expand upon.)

  • Best sex dream evar.

Hmm. I know there were others. I know there were. And because I didn't write them down someplace, they are now lost in the black hole that used to be my mind.

Anyway. I just realized I might need to do a little house-cleaning before I go into about half of these topics. Otherwise.... DRAMA BUTTON WILL BE USED!
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