Talked to my daughter-unit tonight. We've been playing phone tag for damn near two weeks now.

Turns out for good reason.

Things have gone wonky at my son-in-law's job. He's a teacher at a classical school, and there was some incredible weirdness with the administration. As in the headmaster fired, and another one of the admin quitting. It frustrated some of the parents of the kids who go there that no one would give them any information about what was going on, enough that at least one family has removed their children from the school. Kate is fairly sure that a few more families probably won't be sending their children back next year. This makes my son-in-law's job rather... iffy, I suppose. If they can't afford to pay X number of teachers, well. Cuts are going on all over, need I say more?

Now, they've talked about moving to Alabama, in any case. But that's a 'in the future' sort of thing. His folks live north of us by about three hours, so our traveling distance to visit won't change any. I'd be more happy if they moved closer, but there are good reasons to move up north. Kate wants to go to school for nursing, and one of the schools she's looking at is in Tennessee. If they moved up there, they could literally live on the other side of the state line so she'd qualify for in-state tuition, and her husband could still teach in his home town.

But I don't think they really wanted to move for a couple years yet. Although if things don't go well, at least they already are thinking about contingency plans.

My Emmabean apparently had her first cold, as well. And her first sinus infection. Kate took her to the pediatrician when she started getting sick, and they basically told her to go home and let it run its course. To which Kate told them that it was more than a cold, but. They sort of gave her the "over anxious first time mom" song and dance. I should also point out at this point that my daughter works at a hospital, in the ER. She's not likely to freak out about a cold, first-time mom or not. Turns out, by the next morning, Emma was pulling at her ears and having enough congestion that "keep a humidifier on her" wasn't cutting it anymore, so Kate went back in and finally got to talk to her regular pediatrician. So, one sinus infection and some antibiotics later... my peanut is feeling better. Thank goodness!

Also! Baby girl is crawling nowdays, has had meat introduced into her diet, and loves the new tv Nana and Grampy gave them for Christmas. She's going to be ten months old on the 14th. I'm kind of in shock about that!

And then the kicker.

The woman who was renting Kate and Jay their house decided that she was moving back to Georgia. Which, all fine and dandy. Until she couldn't get a loan for another mortgage. She hmms and humms about telling Kate, until finally Kate says "Do I need to start looking for a new place?", and then it was all "Yeah, I suppose. I'll be in town this weekend." So, my daughter had two days to find a new place and move.

On the bright side of that, they found the one three bedroom apartment in the entire city, are paying less for rent and utilities, and have all the maintenance and upkeep taken care of. Apartment living sucks, but there are definite benefits to doing so. I just hope they have good neighbors... ones who aren't too noisy at all hours, and aren't going to mind a screaming baby once in a blue moon.

Alan just got off the phone with Kate, and it sounded like there's a visit coming up in May. I can't wait to see them all. Woot!
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