My idiot dachshund decided today to take a bite of bee. What he didn't seem to expect was the bee was going to bite back.

After much head shaking and drooling and a whole lot of feeling sorry for himself, he seems to be all right. I think he's going to end up driving me out of my mind, however.

I had no benadryl on hand (hubby took the last of it and didn't tell me), no vehicle to go get any or take the dog to the vet if he'd had a bad reaction. Alan's job is 20 minutes away, then it would have been another 20 to get him to the vet... I swear I was going to have a nervous breakdown.

But as they say, all's well that ends well. Now I just have to keep him from chomping another bee again tomorrow.

Because he will. He's a willful little shit.

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Aw, poor doggie. Our old dog did that a few times, too. (Yes, she did it more than once. She never learned.)

btw, I think dachshunds are about the cutest dogs ever. I'm not much of a dog person normally, but I love their stumpy little legs! :)

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He's just so stubborn! I at least have benadryl now, just in case. We have lots of bees around the backyard lately, spring has sprung! I'm hoping this won't be a regular occurance until everything stops blooming, but at least I'm prepared now. Silly mutt! I need to post pictures of the dogs, I haven't done that in ages.

But you have pretty cats! I've been trying to convince the hubby I need a cat. I have almost succeeded. :P

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I do have pretty cats, that's true. :) And I agree: you definitely should have one. Everyone should have at least one cat!

And you should also post doggie pics sometime. I want to see the cute wiener dog!

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I just got a black & tan Doxie myself. Any tips on housebreaking? They are stubborn little things. *g*

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Doxies are extremely willful little beasts! I remember many, many times cleaning up doggie puddles from Loki (the doxie), far more than I ever had to with the two shelties. And it wasn't just puddles, since he'd wander as he was peeing, it was more like trails. Oi!

Best I can tell you, is if you can possibly manage it, take him/her out every hour. Literally every hour. And a crate is invaluable. If you can't take 'em out every hour, make sure you use the crate. I think what I did was take him out, if he peed, he could be out of the crate, if he didn't, he went in the crate for half an hour or 45 minutes, then I tried outside again. If he didn't go that time, he got to spend 15 minutes out of the crate, 100% supervized so I could catch him in the act if he tried to go in the house. After that 15 minutes, back in the crate. If he did pee, then he could be out of the crate for the next hour.

Also, I don't know if your pup sleeps with you or not, but if not crated at night, make sure he/she is right next to you, and in the morning, carry 'em outside. Very, very unlikely that it will pee on you before it gets outside, whereas if you let 'em walk themselves, they'll just stop anywhere to go.

I know folks who have doxies that are never fully house-trained (oh thank god I won that battle), but if you are consistent, you should be okay. I think the ones who don't get housetrained completely, the owners just sort of give up.

But we haven't had any accidents in ages, and we don't even have 'nervous peeing' anymore, knock on wood!

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Thank you for the tips. He is pretty much crate trained, now I have to get him housebroken! :)


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