I love weddings.

The daughter of some friends of Alan and I got married today. It was held at a private residence, and though we were a bit skeptical, it actually turned out very nice. Very short ceremony, with a LOT more people there than I expected. What really surprised me, though, was how many people I actually knew there. Not most of them, by any stretch of the imagination, but more than I realized I knew down here. Turns out I've met more people in the past year than I'd thought.

It was a nice, short ceremony, as I said. The bride was gorgeous, but all brides are. We had a good time visiting with all the various people we knew, saw some people we hadn't seen in quite a while, which was cool.

The best, and worst, incident by far, though, was right before the ceremony started.

One of Alan's co-workers is from Jordan (we'll call him BT). He's lived in the US since he went to college, back in the 80's. He's married to a woman from South Dakota, who wasn't at the wedding since she was back home visiting her mother who had a stroke not too long ago.

Anyway. An ex-employee of Alan's company (we'll call him JE) was also at the wedding. He has a nasty habit of thinking he's far funnier than he is, was, ever will be. One of his favorite things to do to BT, is walk up to him and say "Hey Aziz!" and then start randomly making sounds that he believes sound like he's attempting to speak Arabic. It's obnoxious, it makes me uncomfortable, and is, in my opinion, racist. Aziz is obviously not BT's name, but JE thinks that he is oh so clever, using a "generic" arabic sounding name for BT. It would be the equivalent of walking up to an african-american man and calling him "Bubba". It's disgusting and ugh.

Now, I know that it bothers BT. I can see that he doesn't find it amusing. So we're standing along the aisle where the bridal party will soon be coming by, JE walks up, says "Hey Aziz!" and the random babbling. Me, Alan, Matt (co-worker of Alan's) and Kris (Matt's wife) are all standing there. BT gets this frustrated look on his face and says "Kus emmak*." Not loudly, not obnoxiously, not even angrily, really. Just... matter-of-factly.

Now the fun part begins. Turns out Kris's best friend is Lebanese, and has over the course of their friendship, taught Kris various arabic phrases. She gasps, her eyes go wide and her mouth drops open. BT belatedly realizes that he's in the company of the one person, one person at the wedding, and probably all of southern Alabama, who knows what that means. His eyes go wide, his jaw drops, and he immediately begins apologizing profusely.

Alan and Matt start laughing, even though they don't know what was said, because of the various reactions. I am also snickering, and being the evil person that I am, lean over to Kris, so that she can whisper into my ear what he just said. BT is still trying to pull his foot out of his mouth, JE is standing there looking appropriately bewildered, and Kris is somewhere between horrified and laughing her ass off. I am now doing my best not to sit down in the grass and laugh myself silly.

Later, after the ceremony, Alan and I went off and were having a conversation with BT, and I'm still laughing because I now know what was said. Alan asks, and BT says "Well, roughly translated, I called him a motherfucker." And of course, Alan laughed more.

JE, on the other hand, still has no idea that, more literally speaking, BT said "Your mother's cunt."

Gotta love a good wedding story.

*Probably not the correct spelling.

From: [identity profile] kittydesade.livejournal.com

... I'm going to have to remember that one.

It's actually really funny when people do that, though. At the place where I used to work I wound up seated next to the other guy who spoke Spanish and took the Spanish languages calls as well. Every so often after he got off the phone with a really annoying customer he'd say something rude in Spanish like cabron or something and then turn around only to see me eyeing him with amusement... and then he'd apologise profusely.

I thought it was hilarious, but I'm a pretty big sewermouth myself.

From: [identity profile] digital-opium.livejournal.com

I couldn't help laughing. It's like talking to yourself and then getting caught in the act... you didn't really expect anyone to hear your random thoughts aloud!

And yeah, we're all pretty much sewermouths too... turns out the reason Kris gasped like that was not so much in shock of what he'd said, more because it was in front of BT's 10 year old son. Who hasn't learned the curse words in his daddy's first language yet, thankfully. hehe!


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