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( Mar. 28th, 2006 10:51 pm)
Title: Hollow Truths
Fandom: Supernatural
Author: [ profile] digital_opium
Rating: G
Author's Note: None, really.
Summary: Baby boys.
Word Count: 566
Disclaimer: Neither Supernatural, nor the Brothers Winchester belong to me. I just like playing with other people's toys.

Dean sometimes wishes they could go back and stay with Mike and Kate. He likes Pastor Jim well enough, but Dean can tell that Pastor Jim doesn't tell him the truth all the time. At least when Kate told Dean something, she sounded... honest.

Pastor Jim and Daddy let baby Sammy sleep with Dean all the time, now. The dark is the enemy, Dean thinks. Or perhaps his concept of 'enemy' isn't quite fully formed just yet. But when he sneaks out of his sleeping bag at night, carrying Sammy out to the small living room where Pastor Jim sits waiting for Daddy to come back, he just knows that the dark is a scary place.

"Sammy's scared of the dark, Pastor Jim." He looks up at the man's kind eyes, waiting to see if the honesty will come this time.

Pastor Jim pulls both boys up onto his lap. "There's no reason to be afraid of the dark, Dean."

Dean gives a small sigh. There it is, the hollow ring of a lie. He doesn't feel bad about lying in return. "I'm not scared."

The man reaches over to a brown bag that is sitting not far away. "Maybe this will help." He pulls a brand new teddy bear from the bag and hands it to Dean. "This is an angel bear. He'll protect you in the dark. But he needs a name."

Dean holds the bear, staring at it, studying it. He can still hear the wrong in Pastor Jim's words. "His name is Mister Bumpkins." He tucks the bear under his arm and lets Pastor Jim take him and baby Sammy back to bed.

Daddy is home the next time Dean's fear of the dark gets the better of him. He picks up baby Sammy, grabs Mister Bumpkins by an arm and pads into the living room, where Daddy is sitting quietly, staring into space. He's got a glass in his hand, and that sheen of almost-tears in his eyes, and Dean is reluctant to crawl into Daddy's lap.

But tonight, Daddy notices. "What's up, Dean?" He sets down the glass and opens his arms to his boys, taking Sammy from Dean and helping him onto his lap. Dean feels better already.

"Sammy's scared of the dark, Daddy." A set of unwavering eyes meets a pair of watery ones, so much alike.

Daddy doesn't say anything for a very long time, and Dean is afraid that the hollow lies are going to come next.

But Daddy sets Dean on the couch next to him and puts baby Sammy on the couch on the other side of him. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small vial of water, and a cross, handing them both to his eldest son. Next comes a gun, and he looks at Dean for a long, long time. "Tomorrow, kiddo, I'll show you how to use this. You're smart to be scared of the dark, but we're going to make it so the dark is just as scared of you."

Dean is thoughtful as Daddy takes them both back to bed. Sammy is staring at Dean with those clear baby eyes, and Dean smiles. Putting Mister Bumpkins next to Sammy, Dean gives him a small pat on the cheek. "This is Mister Bumpkins, Sammy. He'll protect you in the dark until I'm big enough to do it."
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( Mar. 13th, 2006 10:22 pm)
Title: Just the Dark
Fandom: Supernatural
Author: [ profile] digital_opium
Rating: G
Author's Note: None, really.
Summary: Baby boys.
Word Count: 278
Disclaimer: Neither Supernatural, nor the Brothers Winchester belong to me. I just like playing with other people's toys.

Dean is scared. He's scared almost all the time, now. Mommy has been gone for weeks, and Daddy says she isn't coming back. Daddy isn't around much either, leaving Dean and baby Sammy with Pastor Jim a lot. When Daddy is home, he always has a glass in his hand and sometimes he cries. That scares Dean most of all.

Daddy isn't home right now, in fact. Dean is lying in his sleeping bag, watching as the small night-light flickers, making the shadows jump around the room. The little boy doesn't move - maybe if he's very still, very quiet, the shadows won't find him.

But there's a small sound from the make-shift crib where baby Sammy is sleeping and it seems to Dean that the flickering of the light becomes more erratic. The shadows seem to loom higher and darker. Another small whimper from Sammy's direction has Dean scrambling out of his sleeping bag, fingers scrabbling for purchase on the rough carpet beneath him.

He scoots quickly to where baby Sammy is supposed to be sleeping, only to see the infant staring bright-eyed up at him. He gives Dean a huge smile when he sees his big brother, and Dean can't help but smile back. Scooping up blankets and baby, Dean steals quietly back to his sleeping bag and tucks them both inside.

Dean curls himself around Baby Sammy, one thin arm curved protectively over the infant. The flickering of the night-light doesn't seem as hostile, and the shadows dip lower, blending back into the night.

“Don’t be scared, Sammy. It’s only the dark. It can’t hurt you.” Dean figures Sammy will learn the truth soon enough.
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( Jan. 8th, 2006 11:36 am)
Really, really should not be allowed to write when I haven't had enough sleep.

This isn't the one that was originally in my head, but this is the one that had to be written.

I don't know why. Don't ask questions like that.

The one in my head involved blood and sex and magic.

Instead we have humor.

Yeah, I don't get it either.

It's just a little bit of crack... )


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