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( Jan. 10th, 2008 03:44 pm)
Really don't want to go to the grocery store. I hate going to the grocery store. *sigh*

I need a footman. Or a cook. Or someone I can send to the grocery store for me.


Maybe I should look into Peapod again. Bleah.
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( Dec. 24th, 2007 05:30 pm)
We left home yesterday morning at 5 am. Our flight out of Manchester was at 6:20 am. Went off without a hitch.

Got to Chicago Midway at 8:30 am. At 10am, they cancelled a flight into Minneapolis (not ours). That should have been the first clue though.

After 14 hours at Midway, including 4 hours on a plane on the runway, they said that they *might* have a flight going to Minneapolis at 11pm. Might. Of course, we'd already missed our connecting flight to Bismarck. There wasn't anotherflight that would get us in before 8pm on Christmas Day.

We canceled our flights, demanded a refund and so now we're spending the week in downtown Chicago, and flying back to Manchester on Saturday. We thought about just going home, but we already paid the pet sitter, and she won't refund the 300 bucks. So might as well let her walk the dogs. Once we got past that, we considered going various places... Vegas, Orlando, Los Angeles...

In the end we decided just to stay here and hang out. Have a downtown Christmas. Maybe hit the Field Museum and the Shedd Aquarium.

Oh, and to console ourselves....we bought each other iPods at the Apple Store on Michigan Avenue. Gotta love the Magnificent Mile. Go figure.
You ever have one of those days... one of those rare, perfect days... where every little thing goes right? You make all the green lights you want, you hit the red lights you need to, you get the perfect parking spot, every single time, and you find the place you're looking for but have never been to exactly perfect the first time? Every. Single. Thing. Goes. Right.

Thus, you know that something majorly bad is coming your way.


Things were perfect. Beautiful. Couldn't possibly, possibly gone better.

Then the cop pulled in behind me. And I instantly knew.

Okay, so my dork of a husband got a ticket 6 months ago. Six months ago. For not having the car registered. He was in an accident a while back, and the van needs work before it will pass inspection. He tells me that he can't get the car registered until it passes inspection.

Guess what I got a ticket for? Yeah. Not having the car inspected/registered. And I have 5 days to get it registered, and take the registration into the cop shop, and personally show it to the cop who pulled me over. Whee. So I call my husband, start bitching (yes, it had to be done). He says "Oh, you can just go get it registered, no problem, then take it down there." I was so fucking furious, I can't even tell you. If it was that goddamned easy, why didn't he do it six months ago? But no. He'd rather wait until he's 13 billion miles away from home, I get a ticket, and make it my problem.

I might have yelled. A lot. Loudly. In the grocery store parking lot.

Where, I might add, the cop had followed me to. Sat behind me in his cop car for a while. I wanted to get out and ask him if he was going to give me a ticket for passing go and collecting $200 or something. I sort of had second thoughts, but it was tempting. Then he drove through the parking lot. And gave a ticket to someone who was parked illegally in a handicapped spot. I sort of wanted to find the person who got the ticket and smirk. But I didn't.

Then, on my way home, I see the same short, bald, smug little bastard had another woman pulled over. And two blocks beyond that, another cop had another woman pulled over. They were surely out in full force today, pulling over people left and right. I just happened to pick a bad day to stop sniffing glue.

Yeah... when everything is going perfectly? Watch out. The universe is a fickle bitch.


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