Hugs and smooches to the LJ fairy who gifted me with 12 months paid journal time.

It was very, very kind of you. Thank you so much!


I just need to know how large of a bird you sacrificed last night.

I'm just sayin'.

Also? That was quick turn-around time. Nice work, I appreciate it!
Nan -

The mail finally got in the house, and I finally remembered to open the envelope.

Now I'll just sit here and cry for a little bit. Happy crying, or maybe bittersweet crying.

Alan got news that they didn't win a fairly significant grant today. It's been a rough afternoon, so far. I guess saving this for a rainy day, so to speak, was the right thing to do. At least it's given me something positive to focus on.

Thank you, so very much. It's way more than you should have done, but I'm accepting it (although not gracefully, because graceful is something I don't do). And I'm even agreeing to the conditions. As if you thought I'd argue about that one, right?

Thank you, thank you.



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