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( Feb. 1st, 2007 01:47 pm)
Just fyi, will be moving this weekend. Have been busy with (pretending to be) packing, cleaning, etc.

I know I owe a few words here and there, I promise to catch that up asap... will try to get something in the works before the move, but if not, for sure after the weekend.

... yes, I'm moving again. Argh.
I have a sofa. A used sofa, from a second hand store. But a sofa. It's someplace to sit. I am squeefully happy. It's got a god-awful floral pattern, but that's easily fixed with a slip cover. *eyes Silvia* Not ruby, though. And regretfully, probably not leopard-spot print, either. *grins*

One of the dogs has already claimed one end as his. Monster.

I have much writing to do tonight.

To do list. Don't bother clicking. )

Yeah, like I'll get all of this done today. *checks time*

Oooh. Look. Fullmetal Alchemist on my TiVo. Shiny.

Poor little large metal Alphonse. *sniff* And it's so very wrong that I am slashing the under-aged cartoon boys, one of whom is in a metal robot body, isn't it? I'm very glad there's a special hell reserved for me and all my closest friends.

ETA: Edward does suffer very prettily. *facepalms*
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( Nov. 2nd, 2005 01:36 pm)
We're finally in our new house.

There was much joy in Joyville!

We don't have any furniture... a bed, two computer desks and a TV. Bed and desks were donated by the outlaws.

And we're subsisting on ham and cheese sandwiches until payday. I can tell you that being on day 3 1/2 of nothing but ham and cheese? It's lost its appeal. Greatly.

One of our neighbors came by yesterday. He seemed nice enough, but I get the feeling that he's ... very social. I am having terror-filled visions of him showing up daily just to talk. This does not compute with my reclusive nature. Am not sure what to do. At least I can honestly say "I'd invite you in, but we have no furniture."

So. This place? Coolest place ever. It's an old house... a cabin that's been added on to and reconditioned for year-round occupancy. It's got all the neat old house things... particularly that smell. Not musty, just. Old house smell. You know, the opposite of new car smell. And two fireplaces. So you can smell that, too. All in a very good way. There's all these little nooks and shelves and cupboards all over the place, but since I don't actually have any knick knacks here, right now there's a wolf and an owl sitting on one of the shelves, and that's pretty much it.

It's got a huge, huge porch on the back, and that little cabin-type front door... the one that's just kind of tucked away with a little porch. Post and beam construction... (I think that's what it's called?) The rafters in the ceilings are exposed. The walls are the old slat-style walls, but in excellent shape, freshly painted. All hardwood floors, too, also in excellent shape. I'd bet they were replaced not too long ago.

It's got all new modern appliances, and an old claw-footed bathtub. One bedroom, one bathroom downstairs, two bedrooms and a kind of loft-type thingy with a bathroom upstairs. We probably won't use the upstairs much this winter... There's just the two of us, and since the place is heated by oil, (OMG expensive!) we'll probably shut the upstairs off so we don't have to heat as much. Just have to make sure it's warm enough up there that the pipes don't freeze.

Also have a couple of visitors. A siamese cat comes by with its friend, a big old (grey muzzled) black lab mix. I have dubbed them Milo and Otis. The come by, wander around in the yard, sun themselves on the back porch, and wander off. The kitty and I had a friendly conversation the other night, but I think Otis is deaf. I tried talking to him, but he totally ignored me. But then he barked like mad when he finally noticed me. Silly dog.

And um. We have cows. Across the street. Big, fuzzy, red and white cows. Yes, I do live in the country, why do you ask? *g* (Sorry, Bria. I had to mention the cows! *pets*)

I can see Mount Sunapee and Lake Sunapee from my back windows. Like... I can lie in bed, and I have this awesome view of mountain and lake. I need to pull out the camera and take pictures. Is very spiffy.

So, yes. I am ... content. Happy? That will be when I finally break down and untangle all the speakers for my computer and hook them up. I have no sound! Argh.

So. Who's coming to visit?
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( Sep. 21st, 2005 03:33 am)
So. I can't remember who I've mentioned this to anymore.

We went and looked at a house over the weekend. Older place, it's a cabin that's been converted to a year-round home. Hardwood floors, huge farmer's porch on the back. Three bedrooms, two bathrooms. The rooms themselves are small, but that's not a big deal. We don't have any furniture anyway.

Kind of a weird story. The people who live there now are buying a house, and need to sublet this place. They only had their ad in the paper for three days, with no one calling on it. They decided to take the ad down, just have a realtor find someone. We happened to have an old paper, called the ad.

We went and looked, got to talking to the people. Turns out, they're god-parents to the kids of this guy we know pretty well.

All these weird little coincidences. I was fairly sure by that, that we'd have no problem getting this place. Too many things were falling so neatly into place. We've been having trouble finding a place to rent, because we have pets. More pets, harder it is to find somewhere to rent.

So we got a call last night, saying that the owner was fine with the dogs, and they just needed to work out the lease agreement. Providing it all goes well, we're going to get this place. I'm so, so glad. Living with in-laws? Gets old, fast. And it's way past 'fast'. The only real downside is that this place is heated with oil. Could be a very expensive winter. Ugh.

So, whee! We could be moving sometime in the next month or so. But on the bright side? With no furniture, it's pack a few boxes and throw them in the van. Two trips, tops.

Now it's just a matter of finding some decent used furniture. Here's hoping.


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