I have a sofa. A used sofa, from a second hand store. But a sofa. It's someplace to sit. I am squeefully happy. It's got a god-awful floral pattern, but that's easily fixed with a slip cover. *eyes Silvia* Not ruby, though. And regretfully, probably not leopard-spot print, either. *grins*

One of the dogs has already claimed one end as his. Monster.

I have much writing to do tonight.

To do list. Don't bother clicking. )

Yeah, like I'll get all of this done today. *checks time*

Oooh. Look. Fullmetal Alchemist on my TiVo. Shiny.

Poor little large metal Alphonse. *sniff* And it's so very wrong that I am slashing the under-aged cartoon boys, one of whom is in a metal robot body, isn't it? I'm very glad there's a special hell reserved for me and all my closest friends.

ETA: Edward does suffer very prettily. *facepalms*
Had odd dreams. Can't remember them, though. And it should be apparent what a tragedy it is when that happens.

I swiffered the floor yesterday. It already desperately needs it again. The joys of longhaired dogs.

... Yeah, I got nothin'.

To do list. Don't bother clicking. )
digital_opium: (Unreal)
( Nov. 11th, 2005 02:45 am)
Friday 11/11/05 - To Do

Christmas Fic research
TM tags
SPN fic (because wtf with plot in my PwP, dammit.)
Swiffer the floor - Really. No. Really.
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( Nov. 11th, 2005 12:46 am)
Thursday - 11/11/05 - to do 11/10/05 (because I obviously don't know how to use a calendar) - Done Did

TM prompt - control x2
Remus Absence letter - rescue
Remus fanfic100 prompt - children
Jack fanfic100 prompt - rain
Mulder fanfic paragraphs

Research for xmas fanfic


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