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( Dec. 24th, 2007 05:30 pm)
We left home yesterday morning at 5 am. Our flight out of Manchester was at 6:20 am. Went off without a hitch.

Got to Chicago Midway at 8:30 am. At 10am, they cancelled a flight into Minneapolis (not ours). That should have been the first clue though.

After 14 hours at Midway, including 4 hours on a plane on the runway, they said that they *might* have a flight going to Minneapolis at 11pm. Might. Of course, we'd already missed our connecting flight to Bismarck. There wasn't anotherflight that would get us in before 8pm on Christmas Day.

We canceled our flights, demanded a refund and so now we're spending the week in downtown Chicago, and flying back to Manchester on Saturday. We thought about just going home, but we already paid the pet sitter, and she won't refund the 300 bucks. So might as well let her walk the dogs. Once we got past that, we considered going various places... Vegas, Orlando, Los Angeles...

In the end we decided just to stay here and hang out. Have a downtown Christmas. Maybe hit the Field Museum and the Shedd Aquarium.

Oh, and to console ourselves....we bought each other iPods at the Apple Store on Michigan Avenue. Gotta love the Magnificent Mile. Go figure.
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( Apr. 23rd, 2007 10:22 am)
I have a chance to go to Disneyworld in two weeks.

I've sort of turned it down.

Alan and I haven't been on a vacation in years. He's been telling me for months that we're going to go to Florida and spend a week just doing Disney things, or just whatever strikes our fancy.

So, he has to go to Orlando for the office kickoff conference. He doesn't really get why I don't want to turn my week's vacation into a two day addendum to his work trip.

Beyond that, I'm not sure I can find someone to take the dogs on such short notice. I was going to ask my brother-in-law to house/dog sit.

Then at my nephews' birthday party, my sister-in-law told me a charming story about what happened to the last dog he took care of for someone.

Let's just say... I think not. I can't trust him not to do something just... stupid.

By the way? You don't tie an 8 week old puppy to a tree and then leave for several hours. He's just damned lucky that the dog wasn't dead when he got back... though from what I understand, 5 more minutes and the pup would have been.


Anyway, yeah. Much angst and personal drama. Woe.
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( Apr. 25th, 2006 03:28 am)
I ended up having to be the grown-up today after all.

I think... my heart is broken.
I don't want to be a grown-up today.

I just got back from the emergency vet hospital.

My Indy... my oldest dog... the first dog Alan and I got together.

The vet couldn't tell us for sure.

He didn't want to go outside today. Didn't want to eat. Barely moved.

He threw up a little last night, but I didn't think much of it. Anyone who has animals knows that sometimes they just hurl. Hair ball, playing too hard, ate something they shouldn't have. They just throw up.

But today. Not wanting to go out. Not wanting to eat. Indy's a chow-hound... not wanting to eat is huge. And then when I did get him outside... he almost collapsed.

So emergency vet clinic.

After x-rays and blood work and temperature... None of the news is good. It could be cancer. Could be a bone leukemia. It could be an auto-immune disorder.

It's already been 700 bucks, that we don't have. It could be another 1200 bucks, and after that he could still have less than a 50/50 chance.

I don't want to make this decision. Because I'm afraid I already know what the decision is.

I don't want to be a grown-up today.
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( Mar. 10th, 2006 08:23 pm)
[ profile] candygramme bought me slippers for my birthday. They're very warm.

And it's a good thing, since apparently we have no heating oil.

And it will cost $250 dollars for them to come and give us ten, TEN gallons to make it through the weekend.

And Alan is arguing with the guys.

Which, okay. We can't afford the $250 on top of the $450 dollars it will cost to fill the tank.

I give up.

I give in.

The world apparently is just not going to give us a break.

I quit.
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( Feb. 17th, 2006 02:16 pm)
Very, very windy out today. Power keeps flickering.

If I disappear, it means the zombies got me again.

And no cell phones.

Joy and rapture.

On the other hand, heads up, Supernatural peoples. I have another vid to rec. Yes! Two in one week.

Go here. Download vid by [ profile] tnt_dynamite. Watch vid. Drool.

Repeat as needed. But make sure you heed the warnings... nakedity (nudity for those of you who don't speak Cassie-language) is present.

If anyone needs me to upload vid to YSI, let me know. Am happy to do so.
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( Jan. 18th, 2006 08:36 pm)
So my power just flickered, therefore I would expect that at some point this evening we'll be without again.

If I disappear, this would be why... not that anyone is surprised at this point?

The zombies are out there, people. Circle the wagons.
My apologies to those of you I was chatting with last night when I disappeared.

Public Service of New Hampshire decided that I should go to bed early for a change. Early being relative, of course.

This is also known as Zombies At My Power... Again. ©

Or, if you prefer, Mother Pusbucket, Why Do We Live In The Middle of Nowhere? ©

As to why I'm awake? Dogs needed to go out. Which is like an episode of Law and Order. Full of drama and random irritating noise.

Am now going to try and go back to sleep. Will catch you all later on today, providing the Zombie repellant works.
So I'm back, and it hasn't been four days yet.

We're not sure if this is temporary or what.

The zombies ate my internet.

Woke up Sunday morning to the power being out again. I had a minor panic attack. I was convinced that we were going to be stranded and not be able to get out and have to eat the dogs, and then they'd find us in a thousand years, frozen with gnawed dog carcasses nearby.

I might have been a bit irrational.

Power came back on, but the internet just didn't. Which meant we had no phone, either, since we use Vonage.

Thank goodness for cell phones. Called the cable company... they say that the first appointment they have is Thursday. And that if it's not on our end, it could be anywhere from our house to the nearest junction whatsit. And could possibly be a month to track down and fix.

Talk about panic attacks.

But something somewhere did something. I have no more specifics than that... the net started working this afternoon. We did nothing different, they claim they did nothing different... wanted to know if we wanted to close out the trouble ticket. Um. No. Let's wait and see what happens between here and Thursday, kay, thanks.

So. I am back, hopefully for good. If not, I'm grabbing phone numbers so I'm not all out of touch again. *g*

Thanks, Dae, for keeping me sane and letting everyone know what was going on. *smooch*
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( Jan. 15th, 2006 01:18 am)
Zombies need to stop eating my power!

I only have one knife and it has to double with kitchen duty. I can't leave it by the front door to kill zombies trying to get in.


In other news, the power is back on... for the second time tonight.

And the dog bit my knee. It's possible that it's a zombie dog. A not very smart zombie dog, since it went for my knee, not my brain.

ETA: My feet are cold. I have zombie feet!
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( Jan. 14th, 2006 03:01 pm)
Have to go to the outlaws for supper.

I'm not "allowed" to take the laptop.

So I'll sit and text message on the phone instead.

Tell me where this makes sense?


And yes, I am anti-social, why do you ask?
Dear Universe,

Stop it. Just please stop it.

You conspired to wake me after only 3 hours of sleep. Fine, I'm getting used to that, actually. Which I suppose is part of the problem for you?

Did manage to get a bit more sleep after I took care of boosting the husband's ego instead of killing him (that was after you had contrived to have him yell at the dogs for 15 minutes in the guise of 'putting them outside').

But honestly... I've been up twenty minutes and this is my list so far:

1) Fight with the coffee pot, since someone didn't dump the old, cold coffee and clean out the grounds. I should be used to this one, too, but not quite yet.

2) Put the dogs out, and argue with one of them that no, he can't run up to the street and do his business there.

3) Catch the other dog who slipped his leash and wouldn't come back when called.

4) Fall down in the snow because apparently dock shoes don't work well in snow.

5) Cut my hand open on the rocks hidden beneath said snow.

6) Find out that the door locked itself behind me, and I'm out in a T-shirt with no coat.

7) Pound on the door for 10 more minutes because the husband just doesn't come to see what the racket is about.

8) Receive a glare from husband because the husband, who has the phone glued to his ear (more often than a teenaged girl), apparently seems to think that I'm just ignoring some maniac who is pounding on our door with both fists and the occasional kick.

All this in twenty minutes? I mean, come on, what did I do to deserve this?

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go clean blood off the door.

No love,

Power out for 6 hours. 20 degrees outside.

Back now. 60 degrees inside.

Will update when my fingers thaw.
Granted, it's early.

Granted, I'm probably being overly sensitive. I'm a pisces. It's what we do.

Something I've noticed, just recently, because of lack of LJ sending notifs. This means you usually have to go back and look for comments you've left, to see if they've been commented to. Usually I just respond via email, never get back to the page, really.

But when you comment to a post that invites lots of comments, for instance, leaving feedback for a story, and the OP responds to everyone's comment but yours, that's a pretty craptastic feeling. Or one of those memes where you're supposed to post and someone will comment with something nice/something interesting/a memory about you/etc... and you never get comment back? That doesn't feel very good either.

I don't think I'm an attention whore. I don't jump on people the minute they log onto AIM or Y! or what have you. I generally wait for people to ping me first, so I'm not pestering them. I don't leave copious unsolicited comments to people screaming 'look at me! Pay attention to ME!'.

I understand that comments get missed. Especially with LJ notifs being crazy lately. And I can understand how a single comment to a post can be missed, the last one on a page, an older entry, the comments didn't require a response. It happens, and not every comment requires a comment in return. Hell, I know I've missed things that should have had tags back.

But there are times when being left out sucks. I'm just sayin'.

Yeah, It's early. I'm being overly sensitive. I'm a pisces. I need to go back to bed.
It's 8am. On a Saturday.

I'm awake because the dogs needed to go out.

Dipshit husband was awake. Doing nothing important.

But I had to get up and put the dogs out, since he couldn't be arsed to, though they were whining, because HIS goddamned life 'revolves around the dogs'.

Bitch, please.
Fuffin' OW, dammit!

Note to self. That shiny metal pan you just took out of the oven? Hot. Next time don't grab it with bare hands, moron.

In other news...

Ow. :(
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( Oct. 28th, 2005 10:42 pm)
I am just going to FREAK right the FUCK OUT now.

One day. One measly day. If I don't pull the freaking cable modem out of the wall and throw it out the window before then.
To continue the theme of the evening, let me tell you a little tale.

My computer sucks. I leave it running all the time, because to reboot it takes forever. I don't know why, it's been acting like this for some time now. It can literally take 30 minutes to finish booting. I am not technologically savvy enough to dig around and try to figure this out. Husband is, but when I tell him about these things, he just looks at me blankly. Thanks, dear.

So. Let me paint a little picture for you, of installing software.

It is not unlike a really bad first date.

Things start out well. A decent meal, a fine glass of wine, maybe a movie.

Welcome to iPod updater. Would you like to install this software? Click Yes to continue.

There's a little hand-holding, maybe a kiss after the flick.

iPod updater will be installed in the following folder. Is this okay? Click Next to continue.

Things seem to be progressing nicely. A little slap and tickle, a touch here, a kiss there.

Please wait while iPod updater installs the following files on your computer.

Proceed to the bedroom, because hey, things are going swell!

iPod updater has completed the instalation process. Press Finish to exit.

Clothes come off...

Your computer must be rebooted to finish the installation. You can reboot now, or choose not to use your computer again until the computer has been rebooted.

Wait wait wait! Where did that ball-gag and table leg come from?! CRAP!

And it's actually more like a blind date? Because you never know which piece of software you install is going to make you reboot.

So endeth the story.
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( Sep. 18th, 2005 09:32 pm)
Spent all day, repeat, all day, working on a graphic for a layout for this journal...

Yeah, I got nothin'.

I give up! I surrender! I don't know diddly about graphics, layouts and artistic type things.

In a fit of pique, I deleted it all. Hrmph. And then went looking for something to kill.

Still have husband and all the dogs. Am in good shape.


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