So! As the twitters pointed out, I have a new grandchild! My first!

We drove down from Alabama yesterday afternoon, got in to Atlanta at about 7:30. The daughter unit had gone to the hospital at 8am to be induced, though she was already having contractions the night before. They did give her Pitocin when she got into the hospital, but she was really having very mild contractions til around 1pm. At that point, people started showing up (her other parents), and things were progressing. Apparently she told them "This is NOT a good time." Which is so very very her.

They also gave her some pain meds, though she refused the epidural. Apparently she started to get groggy, at one point mentioning that she forgot her childbirth coupon at home, that's why it was taking so long. Am ever so amused by that.

We got there, as I said, around 7:30pm, and at 8:55, her hubby texted his mom (god, I love the technology age) that they were just getting ready to have her push. Barely 15 minutes later, at 9:10 pm, Emma was born. She was 9lbs, 3 oz at birth, and 19 and 3/4 inches long. Perfectly healthy, and wailing up a storm.

Now mind you, my daughter is about 5 foot 4 inches, fairly small girl. A 9lb baby in 15 minutes. Let's just say they spent an HOUR stitching her back up. I do not envy her in the least! However, today, she said that she really wasn't in much pain, other than the fact that she'd been sitting up in bed all day and her butt was numb.

The night before, hubby, myself and a few of his friends from work were out for supper, and started a pool for what time she would have the baby. I claimed 8pm, and was the closest. Go me!

Apparently, the grandparents all had to pick what they wanted to be called. I picked Nana. Close to my real name, enough so that my youngest brother and sister called me Nana when they were little, because they couldn't pronounce my name. So, I get to be Nana, Alan's going to be grampy. The others picked Mimi, grammy, poppy. I don't think Kate's father-in-law decided yet. *grins*

So, without further ado, baby pictures! My little grand-peanut, Emma bean!

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Emma, 3 hours old!

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Also 3 hours old...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

First family photo!

And these were from today, Emma at about 15 hours old.
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All in all, I guess having to move down to Alabama is going to be worth it, to only be 3 hours away from my little dear. I can't wait to start spoiling her rotten. Well, Alan already started... he bought the crib. Does a baby really need a cherry wood crib? I dunno, but what the hell. :P
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